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Sales Policy


Books at delhibookstore.com are owned by Delhi Book Store, 19 Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi – 110 002, India. This Sales Policy regulates all purchases made on or through this web interface. When a purchase is done through delhibookstore.com the buyer agrees to accept all the terms and conditions of this policy.

The terms and conditions of this sales policy may be revised by updations without any prior notice. Customers are requested to review the terms and conditions from time to time.

Before any purchase or transaction with delhibookstore.com, the customer has to register himself/herself as a member of delhibookstore.com. To do so, one has to open an account with delhibookstore.com. The books that are purchased or added to the shopping cart by the customer are listed & stored in the respective account for future reference. Access to the account is possible through valid delhibookstore.com id & password.

It is the customer’s responsibility to see that no unauthorized logins take place using his/ her id and password. So, ensure that your password is not disclosed. If any loss is encountered delhibookstore.com, in case of misuse of login, the customer to whom the login belongs to will be penalized for the same.

If using a shared or public computer to shop at delhibookstore.com, one should log out (also called log off or sign out) when finished to prevent other users from accessing personal information. If any loss is encountered by delhibookstore.com, on account of failing to logout the registered client will be penalized.

Right to Purchase
Any customer who has a valid login ID protected by a their password can buy from delhibookstore.com The transaction is valid & complete when the customer enters an authentic credit card number, gets authorized by the Citibank Payment Gateway followed by the order summary. At any point of time if delhibookstore.com understands that the order is a forged one, delhibookstore.com reserves the right to cancel the order without any prior notification. The customer will be informed later, via e-mail, regarding the cancellation of the order.